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Personalized Expertise

The fundamental expectations of any imaging machine service and repair company ought to be to solve problems, communicate well, and to know the craft you’re in.

Southeast Imaging Service is a small business focused on staying ahead of industry standards, while working quickly and expertly to deliver cost-effective solutions to our clients all throughout much of the Carolinas and SE Virginia. Our skilled technicians respond with all of the attention of a passionate small business, but with the industry expertise that keeps us as leaders in the Medical Imaging maintenance and service industry.

Client-Centered Passion

We know that the work our clients do saves lives, informs healing care, and increases the quality of life for their patients. Our mission, at Southeast Imaging Service is to care for you, the health care provider and Imaging Technician, with the kind of attention that you show your patients.

Quick responses to service calls, emergency responses around the clock when needed, and a passion to do the job well allow us to be the best Imaging Equipment service and repair company you will find!

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Southeastern Imaging Service

Our Focus is Local

Your work is important to our community. You use state of the art technology to determine a patient’s needs, and how you can best treat them, or even save their lives! And your important work needs a trusted, local technician that can respond to your needs and service calls quickly and professionally!

Southeast Imaging Services is that company! With decades of industry experience, our technicians are masters at assessing issues, communicating downtimes, and working diligently to get you back up and running as fast as possible.

While we are proud of our proficiency and expertise, we are much more than a technically-driven repair service. We realize that machines need to be well maintained to make sure you are delivering the most accurate diagnosis to your patients. SEI knows that there should not be time away from the patient due to a machine problem.

Southeast also knows that your time is valuable, that’s why they are willing to come in during off hours to do the maintenance. You do not have to work around their schedules.

Next Door Service, Regional Reach

Based out of Wilmington, NC, we serve our clients with the attention of a local small business, but with a reach that allows us to bring our expertise across North Carolina and South Carolina, and into parts of SE Virginia.

Dirty Little Secrets

You’re more than just a contract obligation that we have to fulfill. You are how we feed our families, our children’s school tuition and the key to our continued success. We demonstrate how much you matter by listening to your needs, providing honest answers and treating you with the respect that you deserve.

  • Tom Keill and the team at Southeast Imaging Services are experienced, dependable, responsive, and get the job done right! We trust them to offer a superior level of “service” as well as exceptional “customer service”.

    Kim Rowland
  • We are very fortunate to have Southeast Imaging Service as part of our team. They quickly respond to phone calls, texts, and emails and address our needs. They keep our machines up to date with preventive maintenance and always go the extra mile during emergencies. I highly recommend SEI!

    Kevin Barrow
  • Great communication. Tom even came to my work place on a Saturday to run the diagnostics on the machine. Did a great job fixing machine and made sure they cleaned up the work area before leaving. Job well done.

    Adam Yuhas
  • Tom is a high level expert in the field of x-ray, CT, ultrasound and MRI service and repair. He provides quick response and a exemplary customer service. Tom and Jennifer are constantly investing in learning to improve both their company and themselves.

    Bill Malchano
  • What an amazing company to work with! Attention to detail, prompt and courteous service. You dont find this level of commitment from a large company! This company goes above and beyond to work with your time schedule to handle all your needs. Highly recommend!!!!

    Angel Reep
  • The service and attention to detail that this company provides is astounding. The fact that they are more than willing to meet the needs of the client both inside and outside normal working hours is fantastic. And in a time where a lot of people want to complete a task as quickly as possible it’s very nice to know that there are still people in the world that pay attention to the slightest details, and test all of their work for perfection.

    M. Barnes
  • This company is reliable, prompt, and dependable. Tom is quick to respond and is more than willing listen, diagnosis and fix the problem in a timely manner. I would recommend him and his company because of the personal approach and professionalism afforded to his clients. This is not just a job, Tom has pride of ownership in What he does and doesn’t disappoint the customer.

    Trudy Barnes
  • Tom and his crew worked so hard to get our xray machine up and going. They were very quick to respond to calls and messages, kept in touch about what was going on with our machine, very patient, and friendly. Would recommend them for sure! Great people! Great work! Our Animal hospital is very happy!

    Jenn S-Darden
  • Tom & Jennifer are extremely knowledgeable about the x-ray equipment industry and they bring a high level of enthusiasm to their work. Pressing the thumbs up button!

    Copycat Printshop
  • Very easy client to work with. Pays close attention to detail.

    Ann Willard
  • Fast turnaround, great understanding of our industry! Highly recommend.

    Teresa Neill
  • Amazing. Great attention to detail.

    Molly Lowry
  • I have had a professional relationship with Southeastern for well over a year, and their level of knowledge and professionalism is second to none. Highly recommended!

    Will Connelly
  • The work that I have seen Tom do has always been high quality for a great price. He is a hard worker and makes sure the job is done right. You don’t find this level of “attention to detail” much these days. I can’t say how important it is to have service like Tom’s during and after the sale!

    Angie Robinson
  • Tom and his team are great to work with! We have done several projects together. They are honest, reliable and enjoyable to be around!

    Billy Thorpe
  • Tom is a high level expert in the field of x-ray, CT, ultrasound and MRI service and repair. He provides fast response and a high level of customer service. Can’t say enough good things about his knowledge and integrity.

    Reggie Shropshire
  • Quality work. Makes it about the customer’s needs first and foremost. Excellent.

    Ronnie D
  • Having been personally involved with Tom on a job I can say without question that he is not only going to be your most affordable option, but you’ll get the highest quality of care and most reliable service every time you do business with him. I highly recommend getting in touch with the folks at SEI before searching the Internet for a similar service.

    Chic Scaparo
  • Integrity – need I say more… Family owned with customer satisfaction as a top priority!

    Jennifer Keill
  • Tom is a Very reliable and knowledgeable Technician in his field. His company is Awesome to work with and honest, I know when Tom does a job, it’s done right!

    Donnie Sells
  • Very responsive and flexible work hours. Would recommend to anyone.

    Tony Menicucci
  • Tom is always reliable with his services and Jennifer has great customer service! I love working with them both!!

    Jessica Drake
  • Tom and Jennifer are amazing! You can expect timely, quality service every time!

    L Williams
  • They get it done! They’re the best in town!!!

    Melissa T
  • Tom provides excellent service and support highly recommend!

    Lee Parris
  • Great company to work with!

    Patti Baker
  • Wonderful customer service! Super friendly.

    Mykayla Allery
  • Great service everything went really well ahead of schedule great people.

    Get Rekt MyDude
  • This company provides a dependable service with hard workers and great costumer communication.

  • SEIS does wonderful work, but beyond that their focus on customer service was exceptional.

    Lester Wentworth
  • I’ve known Tom for years. Hard working, detail oriented and excellent work!!

    Pat Letterio
  • Tom is a very hard worker and his work is beyond reproach. I will always call him back when I need anything else done.

    Ilene Shrader
  • Great professional service. Reliable, on time, Done right.

    Bradley Walter
  • Great Customer service and very personable!

    Scarlett Newman
  • These guys are hard working, dependable, and have great customer service. Thank you!

    Melanie Roberts
  • They have great service!

    Brittany Keill
  • Knowledgeable and helpful!

    Anopal Company
  • Would absolutely recommend to everyone.

    Gwen Mantooth
  • Tom and Jennifer are a pleasure to work with! Would absolutely recommend!!

    Lauren Weres
  • Best company ever!

    Tyler Keill
  • Excellent service!!!!

    Jerrod Lowry